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Overview of parties and guest workshops / bootcamps and shows performed by Dança Angolano Dansschool.


TARDE SENSUAL - Zondag 25 November 2018

The Kizomba Semba de Angola Matinee / Lounge van Nederland

Elke laatste zondag van de maand.

DJ: Kapitula

LOCATIE: Islemunda, Podium van IJsselmonde
Herenwaard 17
3078 AK Rotterdam

GOOGLE MAPS Click Google Maps for the exact location of Podium van IJsselmonde.

Tijdstip: Van 18:00 tot 23:00
Kosten: 8 euro


Er zullen onherkenbare gastheren zijn die ervoor zullen zorgen dat iedereen aan het dansen toekomt.

Dineren kan op dezelfe locatie op eigen kosten. Er is namelijk een Brasserie in het pand.

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Nossa Kizomba Amsterdam Festival 2018

Nossa Kizomba Amsterdam Festival, 3rd edition!
A festival based on Angolan culture where we share our passion, knowledge and preserve the essence of authentic Kizomba and respect other styles created under the kizomba umbrella.

We proudly host our event on 30 November &1-2 December 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This year our message is ART.
Movies, workshops, social, debates, parties, performance and exposition of live art.

Friday we go Asian style
Saturday we are Kings&Queens from Old Egypt
Sunday we dressup like artists.

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Kizombada 013 Tilburg Friday 28 December 2018

The kizomba REUNION First Edition

Are you a kizomba dancer ? OK !!
Mark your calendars, the day you have been waiting for all year. The first ANNUAL KIZOMBA REUNION. Please come enjoy with us and some of the hottest DJs around in The Netherlands.
This time with DJ Walter Correia Born in Cape verde and Black Genuino Born in Angola

If you want to practice your passes before the party or learn something new do not worry because Vivaldo and Belinha give a kizomba workshop from 9 pm to 10 pm.

Event Schedule on Friday December 28th

Workshop Kizomba
Time : 21.00 - 22.00 Vivaldo ( Angola ) & Belinha ( Portugal )

Party : 22.00 - 03.00

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Dutch Kizomba Festival Hoenderloo (NL)
8-9-10 September 2017
Kizomba Holland Awards Eindhoven (NL)
22 July 2017
Lounge Matinée Rotterdam (NL) 25 June 2017
Organized by Dança Angolano Dansschool
Holland Kizomba Congress Made (NL) 26-27-28 May 2017
Organized by Dança Angolano Dansschool and Maestra Salsa
Lounge Matinée Rotterdam (NL) 30 April 2017
Organized by Dança Angolano Dansschool
Kizz Beats Rotterdam (NL)
4 March 2017
Lounge/Matinée Rotterdam (NL) 26 February 2017
Organized by Dança Angolano Dansschool
Sabaki De Moer (NL)
28 January 2017
Pure Kizomba Rotterdam (NL)
27 January 2017
Lounge Matinée Rotterdam (NL) 15 January 2017
Organized by Dança Angolano Dansschool
Nossa Kizomba International Amsterdam Festival (NL)
16 - 17 - 18 December 2016
Hasselt Salsa Kizomba Gala, Hasselt (B)
3 December 2016
Kizomba Euphoria Rotterdam (NL)
26 + 27 November 2016
Kizomba Genuina Rotterdam (NL)
25 November 2016
Latin Dance Theater Vlissingen (NL)
12 November 2016
Lounge Matinée Rotterdam (NL) 6 November 2016
Organized by Dança Angolano Dansschool
Sabadão Kizomba Daylight Edition Utrecht (NL)
5 November 2016
Bootcamp / Matinée Rotterdam (NL) 9 October 2016
Organized by Dança Angolano Dansschool
Kizomba A Nossa Maneira Tilburg (NL)
8 October 2016
Nova Lounge Tilburg (NL)
24 September 2016
Sabaki Latin Boat Dinteloord (NL)
2 September 2016
Sunset Latin Grooves @ the Beach Den Haag (NL)
9 July 2016
Holland Kizomba Congress Made (NL) 27-28-29 May 2016
Organized by Dança Angolano Dansschool and Maestra Salsa
Sabadão Kizomba Daylight Edition Utrecht (NL)
7 May 2016
Kizomba All Stars Festival Lisbon (P)
29 April - 1 May 2016
Noite da União KizombaSemba Utrecht (NL)
26 March 2016

18P Nacional Bunnik (NL)
20 February 2016

BachaSalsa Oosterhout (NL)
9 January 2016

Pure Kizomba Rotterdam (NL)
27 November 2015
Kizomba a Nossa Maneira Rotterdam (NL)
30 October 2015

Amsterdam Kizomba Festival (NL)
23-24-25 October 2015

I Kizomba Sensual Festival Eindhoven (NL)
30 July - 2 August 2015

Kizomba A Nossa Maneira Tilburg (NL)
25 July 2015
Royal Deluxe Festival Eindhoven (NL)
19 July 2015

BBQ Fest Breda (NL)
12 July 2015

Holland Kizomba Congress Made (NL) 26-27-28 June 2015
Organized by Dança Angolano Dansschool and Maestra Salsa

Bird Rotterdam (NL)
14 June 2015
El Corazon Eindhoven (NL)
23 May 2015
Royals 010 Rotterdam (NL)
26 April 2015

Pure Kizomba Rotterdam (NL)
17 April 2015

Maestra Salsa Uden (NL)
11 April 2015

Africa Dançar Benelux Amsterdam (NL)
4 April 2015

Kizombada 013 Tilburg (NL)
28 March 2015

Hall Des Sports Ganshoren (B)
21 March 2015

Islemunda Rotterdam (NL) 14 March 2015
Organized by Dança Angolano Dansschool

Café Tropical Utrecht (NL)
6 March 2015
Dança Sala Den Haag (NL)
28 February 2015
Club Eclipse Rotterdam (NL)
27 February 2015
Grounds Rotterdam (NL)
7 February 2015
Aperitivo Utrecht (NL)
25 January 2015
Club Empire Rotterdam (NL)
16 January 2015
Winkel van Sinkel Utrecht (NL)
4 January 2015
Islemunda Rotterdam (NL) 6 December 2014
Organized by Dança Angolano Dansschool
Extravaganza Helmond (NL)
28 November 2014
Maestra Salsa Uden (NL)
22 November 2014
Salsa Volcanica Den Bosch (NL)
21 November 2014
Kizomba Lounge Rotterdam (NL)
12 November 2014
Paixao Amsterdam (NL)
11 November 2014


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